Importing Profile from Field Solutions

When Field Nation acquired Field Solutions in May 2015, we wanted to ensure the transition for all users was as easy as possible. As one measure to ensure that was as smooth as possible for Providers, we allowed them to "migrate" their work history, background check status, etc over to Field Nation to ensure the work was represented on their Field Nation profile.

However, with Field Solutions being officially discontinued 8 months later on January 1st, 2016, Field Nation lost the ability to easily migrate that profile data. After this point, Field Nation engineers needed to be involved to manually migrate that data over to Field Nation.

After 15 months of additional support (for a total of nearly two years), Field Nation is officially making the decision to no longer support the migration of data between the systems. For any users that still have not migrated the data over, it will no longer be an option.

This commitment to focus on the big items that really make a difference for all our users as a whole is part of the 2017 effort to make big changes in our platform, including removing the option for the "Classic interface". This increased clarity is already being realized on many large projects here at Field Nation, and you can find more information on those at our homepage and blog.

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