Buyer's Guide to the Provider Quality Assurance Policy

What is the PQAP?
  • The PQAP is an event log that FN uses to track and manage potential quality events that occur during the course of a WO’s lifecycle based on certain actions a buyer takes within the system.
  • "Events" are reviewed by the Quality Team to determine if the Quality Policy needs to be implemented.
When do items hit the PQAP for review?

A problem only hits the PQAP if a Buyer takes one of the following actions:
  • Cancel or remove a provider from a work order they are currently assigned to (entering text into to the available field is helpful in the review process).
  • Rates a Provider with 3 stars or lower (entering notes in text field is very helpful).
  • Blocks a Provider that is currently assigned to a WO for you.
Why is it important to make sure you are reporting things correctly?
  • It is the fastest and most efficient way to alert us of an issue that you had with a Provider.
  • Using the steps above to ensure an issue hits the PQAP is the only way we are able to know the full details and then react accordingly. 
  • Having items hit the PQAP allows us to keep all historical data of the instance and results taken from it.
  • Even if an item is small and perhaps doesn’t warrant immediate punishment, having it in the PQAP allows us to track how many “small” events a Provider has recently had to help us determine what actions should be taken.
PQAP Terminology
  • Marketplace Restriction means that the Provider is given  a temporary restriction of their open MP access, and they can only be directly routed work if they are on your PPN.
  • Profile Deactivation means that a Provider’s profile has been deactivated completely and while their history remains intact they will no longer be able to complete work on FN going forward. 
PQAP Common Infraction Tiers

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