Guide to the Provider Quality Assurance Policy

What is the Provider Quality Assurance Program (PQAP)?

  • The PQAP is an event log that Field Nation uses to track and manage potential quality events that happen within the life cycle of a work order based on certain actions taken within the system.
  • All potential events are reviewed by the Customer Resoluion Team to determine if the Quality Program needs to be implemented.

When do items hit the PQAP for review?

A problem only hits the PQAP if the following types of actions occur:
  • Cancellation or removal of the service provider from the work order
  • A Rating of 3 stars or less
  • Blocks resulting from a work order a service provider is or was assigned to

Why is it important to report things correctly?

  • It is the fastest most efficient way for both a client or service provider to alert us to an issue that you are having.
  • Ensuring you are accurately reporting the issues allows Field Nation to both assistance in resolution if needed, and/or take appropriate action on quality events that have occurred. 
  • PQAP provides Field Nation with a historical record of quality events and aides us in determining the level or number of future events.


PQAP Terminology:

Marketplace Restriction:  the service provider has been given a temporary or indefinite restriction from the open marketplace.  The service provider in this status can only receive directly routed work orders through a client’s Preferred Provider Network.
Marketplace Deactivation: The service provider has either requested their profile to be deactivated permanently, or the provider was found at fault for a Level 1 Quality Infraction and has been permanently deactivated from our platform.  A provider in this status will not be searchable and cannot be assigned or routed any work orders.


PQAP Common Infraction Tiers:

Note: This list is not complete and is only intended to demonstrate common infraction types and results.


***We reserve the right to change these policies and procedures at any time without notification.***

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