Scope of Work Incomplete or Incorrect

In a circumstance in which a provider has failed to complete a portion of the scope of work as required per the work order agreement, you do as the buyer have the ability to mark the work order completed.  When you do this it not only tracks your request to the provider in the work order messages, but it also alerts the provider by email.  Below are some tips to help you succeed in getting the issue resolved quickly as well as instructions on how to mark the work order complete.

  • Be precise in your notations as to what is missing or incorrect so the provider knows exactly what they need to do.
  • Give a reasonable deadline to meet your requirements.
  • Refer to your posted policies regarding your companies requirements to be paid.
  • Refer provider to any previous requests you've already made for corrective action.
  • Any additional communication with the provider should be documented in the work order messages so we have record of them.
Don't Do's:
  • Avoid using threats as this typically will prolong the amount of time it takes to resolve the matter.
  • Don't approve the work order prior to ALL requirements being met as that indicates your acceptance of the completed work.
  • Avoid getting into a battle with the provider, if you need assistance with communicating information to the provider you can contact Support or your Account Representatives.
  • If a work order is in dispute between you and the provider, do not reassign that particular work order.  Follow these instructions to Copy a Work Order and publish it if you need to find a new provider to complete any missed items.
How To in Elevate View:
  1. In the top left corner of the work order, click on the button that says Not Complete.
  2. Enter your message to the provider as to what is needed.
  3. Click on Mark Incomplete button.

How To in Classic View:
  1. Towards the top right corner of the work order click on the Review It button.
  2. The screen will move to the bottom of the Approval & Payments tab.  Click on the Tell Provider that the Work Order is incomplete button.
  3. In the popup fill in the box with your message to the provider as to what is needed.
  4. Click the Mark Incomplete button.


Classic_View_-_Mark_WO_Incomplete.pdf Classic_View_-_Mark_WO_Incomplete.pdf
Elevate_View_-_Mark_WO_Incomplete.pdf Elevate_View_-_Mark_WO_Incomplete.pdf

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