How to Setup Your Service Company

Step 1: To Setup your Service company please go to and register as a PROVIDER, not as a buyer.  If you already have a provider account setup on our platform you can skip this step and just login to your existing provider profile.
Step 2: Once Provider account is setup, follow these steps to convert to a Service Company.
  1. Click on your name or photo on top left
  2. Click the gear icon to go to your settings
  3. Select Change Provider Type
  4. Enter your password
  5. Select Service Company Provider
  6. Profile will then become their managed provider account; 2 accounts with one as provider (original account setup) and one is admin account (account used to manager all provider under the Service Company).
  7. Select Providers on the left hand side, then Managed providers, then select Add providers. Each provider will need to be verified by Field Nation before each can request or be assigned to work. You will need to request Marketplace access for your provider by doing the following:
    • Select ‘Find Work’ on left side bar.
    • Next Select ‘Configure Managed Marketplace Providers
    • Your providers will come up on this screen and you will need to select ‘Request’ under Marketplace Access. We will receive the request and turn on your providers marketplace.
***Important Note: You will need to ensure they have completely setup your Marketplace before your company can be granted access to our Open Marketplace. This includes entering in tax information, watching a training video, and creating providers under your account.

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