How to Setup Your Service Company

Step 1: To Setup your Service company please go to and register as a PROVIDER, not as a buyer.  If you already have a provider account setup on our platform you can skip this step and just login to your existing provider profile.
Step 2: Once Provider account is setup, follow these steps to convert to a Service Company, please note your marketplace must be enabled first.
  1. Click on your name or photo on top left.
  2. Click the gear icon to go to your settings.
  3. Select Change Provider Type (if you do not see this option please email so we can edit the profile to allow conversion).
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Select Service Company Provider.
  6. Profile will then become their managed provider account; 2 accounts with one as provider (original account setup) and one is admin account (account used to manage all providers under the Service Company).
  7. Follow the steps on these pages to complete setup of the service company.
If your service company does not automatically become enabled please email to request it be verified.

Step 3: Adding Providers to your service company.
  1. Hover over My Company and click on Company Manager (left side menu).
  2. Click the link that says Marketplace Work Sourcing.
  3. Click Configure Managed Marketplace Providers.
  4. Click Add Managed Provider.
  5. For providers already setup on the platform you can invite them to join your service company (this is only appropriate if you created their account or it was created for the intention of being under your service company).  To do so click the link that says "Invite them to join.".
  6. For providers not yet setup on the platform please fill out the required fields and save.
  7. Once back on the list of managed providers, across from their names you can click on Request Access which will add the providers to our list to be reviewed for marketplace access.
Provider profiles that were not verified via phone verification are reviewed by our Quality Team Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 5pm (excluding holidays).  There is no need to email to request access unless it has been beyond 48 business hours and your profile(s) have not been verified.

***Important Note: Before requesting marketplace access please ensure that each profile reflects the individual's actual name, and has a valid address, phone, and email listed.  Any profiles missing those key items will not be enabled. 

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