Automated Reminder Calls

Automated Reminder Calls
The Field Nation platform has a fully automated process for reminding providers about upcoming assignments if they have not marked themselves as "ready to go".

The process runs every hour, but will only call about work orders where the local time is currently 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, or 5pm.  To match, a work order must be within 24 hours of the scheduled start and the provider's assignment is not yet marked ready to go (a provider can only mark ready to go within 36 hours of scheduled start).

Call Outline
The system we use attempts to detect when the call is answered by a voicemail system or when it is answered by an actual person.  The voicemail detection does not always correctly determine the difference so it will error on the side of assuming a human even if it is a voicemail. 

When Detecting a Human Answered
The provider will be greeted with an automated message, the system will announce the WO# and prompted the provider to confirm the assignment, hear the message again, temporarily suspend reminder calls, or to press 0 to speak with Field Nation support. 

When Detecting a Voicemail Answered
The system will announce that it is Field Nation calling, will read off all work order, start date, and start time then will request the provider to please confirm their work order as soon as possible.

Providers can request to be placed on a do-not-call list.  When this occurs we do not place these automated calls to the provider. 

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