Provider Quality Assurance Policy

The Field Nation Provider Quality Assurance Program (PQAP) helps insure the overall health of our marketplace. Strong, positive outcomes encourage clients to continue working with both Field Nation and the talented service providers available through Field Nation.
When a buyer reports a Quality event, Field Nation’s team of Quality Assurance Experts follow this Provider Quality Assurance Program. Examples of the most common Quality Events and consequences are outlined below:

Field Nation reserves the right to initiate the PQAP process for other events that are not listed above, skip steps, modify, and depart from the PQAP process at its sole discretion. When a provider's marketplace access is restricted, they will be unable to request new work, however, they may accept directly routed work from a buyer if they are within the PPN (Preferred Provider Network). Once a provider’s marketplace has been restricted, they must complete a Quality Training Session to be eligible for reinstatement.
If you have any questions regarding incidents or would like to speak with someone directly about the Provider Quality Assurance Policy, please contact Field Nation at:
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PQAP_Policy_JO_Edited_10_18_2017.pdf PQAP_Policy_JO_Edited_10_18_2017.pdf

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