Provider Quality Assurance Policy

Provider Quality Assurance Policy

The Field Nation Platform has a unique ability to connect Skilled Independent Service Providers with the needs of Service-Buying clients around the world; which sets us apart. Our reputation is built on the quality of the Service Providers and Service Buyers who utilize our Platform.

What sets Service Providers apart on Field Nation is the quality of their deliverables – the accuracy and timeliness of the assignments they fulfill, along with their professionalism.

Field Nation Service Buyers also set themselves apart by their dedication to quality – by publishing thorough work orders with the expectation they will find the right qualified Service Provider on Field Nation.

Field Nation is committed to the success of both Service Providers and Service Buyers. This is why we continue to innovate and improve the Platform. The team at Field Nation works diligently with Service Buyers to ensure Service Providers are timely paid for the work they perform and that their excellence is recognized and valued. Field Nation works to bring new Service Providers from various industries and geographies onto the Platform to ensure that any needs of any Service Buyer are met with the best Service Provider available.

Our commitment to quality means that we insist on excellence, safety and professionalism from each and every Service Provider and Service Buyer. We are uncompromising in the quest to bring the best opportunities and the best service together. When problems arise, we are committed to proactive solutions, but we cannot solve them alone. Field Nation is committed to working with Service Providers and Service Buyers to resolve disputes, improve quality and help manage both Service Providers’ and Service Buyers’ expectations.

Field Nation understands we are all human and that life happens to all of us. For this reason, the cornerstone of our Quality Assurance Policy is focused around open, honest and fact-based communication.

We have created both a Support Escalation Process and Provider Quality Assurance Process which are designed to help before issues get out of control. However, having an understanding of the Marketplace is important to the overall eco-system which comprises the Field Nation Platform.
Field Nation Service Providers who have a Profile and are utilizing the Platform can receive work one of three ways:
  1. Work Order opportunities posted to the Open Marketplace which match Service Provider skill sets, location and availability are visible and open for bidding and/or acceptance.
  2. Service Providers who are members of a Service Buyers Preferred Provider Network may view and/or bid and/or accept Work Orders that are posted exclusively to that network.
  3. Service Providers to whom work opportunities are directly routed may view and/or bid and/or accept those opportunities.
In the event there is a complaint, challenge and/or issue with work quality; Field Nation may initiate the Provider Quality Assurance Process outlined below.
When Field Nation is notified about Quality Events, whether through automatic Field Nation software alerts, a human-initiated trouble-ticket or a Support phone call, Field Nation may initiate the Provider Quality Assurance Process.Quality Events are reviewed by a team of internal Field Nation Quality Assurance experts. Some examples of Quality Events and consequences are outlined in the table below. The list is not comprehensive.

Field Nation reserves the right to initiate the Provider Quality Assurance Process for Quality Events not listed below or to skip steps or depart from the Provider Quality Assurance Process in its sole discretion.
The Field Nation Support Team is the first line of help for both Buyers and Providers. The Support Team should be contacted in the event of any issues with a Work Order. The Field Nation Support Team is available 24x7. If unexpected challenges arise, Field Nation insists you communicate with the Support Team.

Field Nation Support Team Contact Information:
The Support Team will engage the Quality Assurance Team when problems or challenges arise, if necessary. The Support Team is there to help you when life happens. In the event of an emergency or threat to your safety, you should always call 911 and/or your local authorities.

Utilizing the Support Escalation Process for a situation will never adversely affect your rating or standing with Field Nation. Any Quality Event uncovered as part of the Support Escalation Process will be handled separately and on a case-by-case basis.

Important: If you have any questions regarding incidents or would like to speak with someone directly about the Provider QualityAssurance Policy; please contact Field Nation at: by phone 1.877.573.4353.

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