Removing a Provider from a Work Order

If you need to reassign a work order rather than canceling the work order you can remove the provider from the work order.  This process will move the work order back to Draft status where you will be able to either publish it to find a new provider, or route it if you already have a provider lined up.  If the work order is no longer needed you can Cancel the Work Order instead.
To Un-Assign the Work Order:
  • From within the work order, click on the Provider tab.

  • Scroll down and underneath the Advanced Search button click on the Assigned tab.
  • Scroll down to the provider who is currently assigned, then click the Un-Assign button to the left of their ID.
  • In the shadow box you will need to select a reason for removal, and have the option to leave additional comments to notate the specifics.
  • Click Unassign Provider to save.
At this time the work order will return to a Draft Status.  You can now publish or route the work order.  For further information please see Create and Route a Work Order or Create and Publish a Work Order


Classic_Unassign_Screenshots.pdf Classic_Unassign_Screenshots.pdf
Elevate_Unassign_Screenshots.pdf Elevate_Unassign_Screenshots.pdf

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