Canceling a Work Order

Should you need to cancel a work order that the provider has not yet checked into, you can do so from within the work order.  If the start date/time is within 24 hours you may be prompted to pay a Cancellation Fee. 
Canceling a Work Order:
  • From within the work order, click on the button that says Cancel towards the upper left corner of the work order.

  • You will be prompted to accept the cancellation fee.  You are able opt to dispute the fee if you feel that there was cause for the provider to not receive it.
  • Once you’ve clicked Dispute Fee or Accept and Continue, or if the start date/time is more than 24 hours in the future, you will brought to the cancellation window.  Here you will need to select the reason for the cancellation, leave a message for the provider, and provide an explanation to Field Nation.



Classic_Cancel_WO.pdf Classic_Cancel_WO.pdf
Elevate_Cancel_WO.pdf Elevate_Cancel_WO.pdf

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