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ConnectWise Integration Instructions
How It Works:
How to Configure the Integration:
How to Use the Integration:
Method #1
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ConnectWise-Field Nation Integration

How It Works:

Data flow between ConnectWise and Field Nation is one way i.e. ConnectWise can create a ticket within Field Nation however data from Field Nation cannot be transferred to ConnectWise.
Creating a ticket within Field Nation can be done in 2 ways:
1.     Within ConnectWise users can open a Service Ticket to create a Field Nation Work Order
2.     Within Field Nation, users can Import a ConnectWise Service Ticket
The integration uses Field Nation standard Work Order fields such as Title Description, Client, Location, Contact Name, etc. to have data sent from ConnectWise to Field Nation. The only exceptions to this are: 
  • Templates cannot be used to populate a work order during the Work Order creation
  • User Defined fields within ConnectWise will not map to custom fields within Field Nation

How to Configure the Integration:

  1. Log in Field Nation website
  2. Open ConnectWise program and login using an administrator account (the web interface of ConnectWise is not compatible with these steps) 
  3. On your left Dashboard click on ”System” then click “Setup Tables” 

  4. Under “Table” tab type the word “integrator” 
  5. Click “Integrator Login
  6. Select the “+” icon to create a new record 
  7. Enter in a new username [your company name followed by Field Nation (no spaces)] and a password
  8. Click on the Access Level dropdown and select the “All Records” for access level Check all the following boxes down the page:
    1. “Service Ticket API”
    2. “Contact API”
    3. “Company API”
    4. “Reporting API” 

  9. Click the “save” icon on the top menu bar (the floppy disk symbol)
  10. Navigate to in your browser
  11. On the left dashboard Click “My Company”
  12. Click “Company Manager”
  13. Scroll down the page and Click “3rd Party Integrations”
  14. On the right-hand side Click on the “Select Integration to configure” dropdown and select “ConnectWise” 

  15. Enter the login credentials and endpoint information you configured earlier in this guide:
    1. ConnectWise Company Name for API: your company name
    2. ConnectWise User Name for API: enter user name you setup earlier in this guide
    3. ConnectWise Password for API: enter the password setup earlier in this guide
  16. ConnectWise Domain Name for API: enter your full domain name [Tip: you can find the domain by following these steps: go to ConnectWise -> Log Out and when you try to log back in just copy the link in “Site:” (i.e. “)

  17. Select “Save Changes” **You will receive a confirmation dialogue if successful**
  18. Copy the following link:[srnumber]
  19. Go to ConnectWise 
  20. Click on “System” 
  21. Click on “Setup Tables”
  22. Under the “Table” tab type “links” 
  23. Click “Links”
  24. Select the “+”icon to create a new link
  25. Link Name: enter here “Send to Field Nation” 
  26. Table Reference: use the dropdown and select “Service”
  27. Link Definition: paste here the link       tID=[srnumber]
  28. Click the “save” icon on the top menu bar (the floppy disk symbol)

How to Use the Integration:

Method #1

  1. Go to ConnectWise and create a “Service Ticket”. Inside the ticket under “Links” dropdown you will find the new link created “Send to Field Nation”.  ***You will use this link to send tickets from ConnectWise to Field Nation***
  1. Once you click on “Send to Field Nation” it will open a Work Order inside Field Nation  Enter all the fields required (pay rate; date; etc.) and click on “Create and Save”. ***You will be able to see the work order originated in ConnectWise by going to tab “Work Order Detail” ***

Method #2

1.Click the create work order button
Classic Layout

Elevate Layout

2.Click the “Import from ConnectWise” button (if this is not visible, be sure to navigate back to the integration configuration page in and enable the configuration)
3.Enter a term to search by in ConnectWise via the text-form at the top of the popup window, and select search
4.Find the Service Ticket in the listing, and click anywhere inside the line item to port the Service Ticket over into a Field Nation Work Order

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