Marketplace Access

What is the Field Nation Marketplace?                                                               

The Field Nation marketplace is where buyers of service can find providers of service. A key element of the marketplace is trust.  Buyers need to know that providers who are listed in the marketplace can be trusted, and providers need to know they are being presented as a qualified candidate for a job.

What is Marketplace Access?

Having marketplace access means you will appear as an available provider.  When a buyer creates a work order they have the option to publish to all marketplace providers in that area.  They also have the option of viewing the list of marketplace providers and choosing one or more to route the work to.  If you do not have marketplace access, you will not appear in these lists.  There are some exceptions to this.  For more details please see the section below titled “Non-Marketplace Options.”
Gaining Access: Training and Verification

All providers must go through the marketplace setup and training.  This can be found by logging in and clicking the orange Setup your Marketplace button.  This process ensures you have filled out all required information and details that will help you to gain work orders through the platform.  Once trained, our staff will verify you and grant marketplace access.

See Adding Managed Providers for more information about adding and/or requesting marketplace access for Service Company Managed Providers.
Marketplace Restriction

Our staff monitors multiple signals of possible performance problems and reviews all pertinent information within the work order to determine what happened.  Being at fault puts you at risk of restriction from our marketplace, which means you temporarily or permanently lose open marketplace access. View the full Quality Policy for more details.

Occasionally, if a specific item needs resolution such as returning a part or submitting paperwork, you may be temporarily restricted from the marketplace until completion of that item occurs.

Non-Marketplace Options

If you do not yet have marketplace access, or are currently restricted from the marketplace, there are still options open to you. The marketplace is how buyers identify providers they may want to work with. If the buyers already know you and know they want to work with you, the buyer can add you to their “Preferred Providers Network.” This is a system for buyers to track providers they enjoy working with and want to be able to easily identify in the future. If you are preferred by a buyer, then they will continue to see you even if you do not have marketplace access.


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