Changing Your Payment Method

Field Nation has 3 different payment methods to choose from to receive your payments.  You can opt for a paper check, direct deposit, or PayPal. 
To change your payment method for an individual provider follow these steps:
  • Click on your profile photo in the top left corner.
  • Click the gear towards the top right then select Payment Method.
  • In the popup click the green Edit button.
  • For security purposes you will be required to enter your password, then click Submit.
  • Choose the payment method you would like to use, appropriate fields will open to fill in the required information for the selected payment type.  When don click Save Payment Information.

To change your payment method for a service company follow these steps (must be logged in as Admin):
  • Hover over My Company in the left side menu and select Company Manager.
  • Click on Marketplace Work Sourcing.
  • Click on Setup Tax and Payment Information.
  • Click the green Payment Method button towards the right.
  • In the popup click the payment method you would like to change to, the appropriate fields required will open for you to enter the information.  When complete click Save Payment Method.

Your payment method will be stored immediately and will go into effect on the next scheduled payment release date (Tuesday or Friday).

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