Updating Your Insurance Policies

Uploading Your Insurance Information

Many companies will not contract with a provider who does not carry personal liability insurance. For that reason it is important to update your status whenever it changes. Failure to upload your own insurance certificate will result in Field Nation collecting a fees, please see our insurance page for more information.
  • Click your profile photo to get to the profile page.
  • Click the gear icon, and select Change Insurance.
  • Click Upload a Policy.
    • If you do not have insurance and would like to learn more please click on Get Insured.
  • Click Choose File to select your Certificate of Insurance then click Upload.
  • Select your insurance type from the drop down.
  • Fill in the corresponding fields with the information found within your Certificate of Insurance.
  • Check the box if you have Field Nation listed as additional insured on your Certificate of Insurance. It is recommended that you have us listed as additional insured so in the event of a claim it makes the process much smoother.
  • If you have another policy included on this Certificate of Insurance click the button stating There is another policy included in the certificate of insurance.
  • When completed click Save.

Insurance certificates are reviewed by our team to ensure they are properly entered and the dates are still valid for current coverage. Once approved the FN insurance fees will be dropped from future work orders.


Updating_Your_Insurance_Information.pdf Updating_Your_Insurance_Information.pdf

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