Change Insurance Information



Many companies will not contract with a provider who does not carry personal liability insurance. For that reason it is important to update your status whenever it changes.


1.    Click your name on the left navigation ​ to access your profile page.


2.    Click the gear icon to access the drop down menu.





3.    Click to update your insurance information.



4.       Click to begin uploading your insurance information.



If you do not have insurance click to learn more about getting insured.



5.       Click to upload an image of your Certificate of Insurance and then click to upload your image to our database.


If you do not have a Certificate of Insurance contact your insurer to obtain one.


6.       Select your insurance type in the drop-down menu.


7.       Fill in the corresponding fields with the information from your certificate of insurance.



8.       Check “Field Nation is additionally insured on the policy” if you have listed Field Nation on your policy as a place of work. It is expected that you add Field Nation as additionally insured on your policy so that, in the event of a claim, resolution is more smooth.


If you have another policy included on this certificate and you would like to add it click


9.       Click to finalize and save this insurance policy to our database.


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