Funding My Account

You can add funds to your account by eCheck (must be enabled by Field Nation – see your account manager if needed), or by Credit Card.  eCheck funds are not available until the transfer is received.  Credit Card funds are available immediately.
  • On the left side menu hover over My company and click on Accounting.

  • Click the green Deposit Funds button.
  • In the shadowbox select eCheck or Credit Card, enter the amount, then click Next.

To Deposit by eCheck:
  • On the next screen confirm the amount is accurate, then click Continue to Complete Deposit, this will redirect you to our e-payment system.
  • Fill out the Contact Information section, and the Payment Information sections including your banks routing and account number.  Then click Continue.
  • Review the payment details, confirm you accept the terms, then click Confirm at the bottom.
To Deposit by Credit Card:
  • After you click Next you can confirm the amount then choose an existing credit card or add a new one.
  • Click Submit Deposit.

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