Configure Work Order Listing Columns

Work Order listings appear in columns similar in appearance to a standard table. These columns contain information about the work orders located under each tab. The headings for these columns are definable links. You can add headings, delete headings, or rearrange their order on the table for easier viewing.
Users can select, deselect, and rearrange the column labels. 

1. From Work Order listing click on the Configure column.

2. Next, the column label popup will appear.

Selecting Column Labels

From Column label click the box or boxes to add column labels and click save.


Changing Column Order

  1. From column label options there is an option named as final labels option. This will show the list of final selected labels.​
  2. To change the column orders click and drag any column, and click the save button.


Removing Columns

To remove a column just deselect the column option and click the save button.


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