Creating & Applying Custom Provider Labels

Users can create custom fields for technicians.  This is so companies can apply their own tagging or tracking systems to the Field Nation system.  These fields are only seen by the specific company that created the field.
To Add a Custom Provider Field:
  • Hover over My Company and click on Company Manager.
  • In the section labeled Work Order, click on Custom Provider Fields.
  • Here you can enter the label name and choose if you want it to be visible to the provider and/or if you want to allow multiple values.  Click Submit when done.

To apply a Custom Label to a Service Provider:
  • You will need to first go to their profile page (either through a WO they are assigned to, or by going to Providers and searching for them).
  • In the top right corner click the Gear icon, then select Custom Fields.
  • In the pop up use the drop down to select the field you would like to add, then click Add.
  • A new text field will appear where you can enter the value you want applied, when done click Save.

To View the custom label you can look on the right side of the Provider Profile, it will appear under User Info.

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