Viewing and Editing Company Information

The User’s company address, contact information, and other related items can be found and edited in the Company Information screen. This information needs to be updated immediately every time it changes outside of the system.
1.                   Select  Company Manager menu link from the My Company menu to display the Company Settings screen.
2.                   Select View Company Details link to display your company information. 
  • Company Name - The name your company uses to do business with Field Nation. If you need to change this please contact our support team at
  • Address 1 - Your company’s street address
  • Address 2 - Usually the suite number if the building is not stand alone
  • City - The city where your company is headquartered
  • State - The state or province where your company is located
  • Zip Code - The postal code where your company is located.
  • Website - Your corporate website
  • Contact’s Name - The contact person at your company
  • Contact’s Phone - The direct line for your contact person
  • Contact’s Cell - Your contact person’s cell phone number
  • Cell Provider - The company providing service for your contact’s cell phone. This is used for receiving sms/text updates by phone.
  • Contact’s Pager - Your contact person’s pager number
  • Contact’s Email - Your contact person’s e-mail address
  • Tech Blocking Permission - The specific access levels (Admin, Manager, Dispatch) with the ability to block a technician
  • Critical Alert Address - Desired destination for emergency information
  • Doc Uploads for Techs - Determines whether technicians either may, must or cannot upload documents with a  work order
  • Work Order Print for Techs - Determines if a technician can print the work order
  • Counter Offer - Determines if a technician can submit a counter offer for the work order
  • Policy & Procedure - Terms and conditions that appear on every work order and must be accepted by the technician before beginning a job
3.                   Click Edit button to access the editing screen.
4.                   Make any desired changes.
5.                   Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom to save the changes.
Save Changes 

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