Tracking your Progress

As a technician, you must keep regular track of your progress on each job. This allows you, your job site, and Field Nation to have a complete understanding with regard to hours, parts, and tools required.

1.       Login to the Field Nation website.


2.       Click ‘Assigned’ under your ‘My Work’ section in the left navigation .


3.       Select the work order you want to track.



4.       Click .


Uploading Documents

Documents and videos assist understanding for the customer. This helps to prevent dissatisfaction from having to call the technician twice for the same problem. Some jobs require the technician to upload specific documents.


1.       In the selected work order under the tab, scroll towards the bottom of the details.



2.       Select ‘+ Upload file’

An uploaded files list appears. Find the file you wish to upload and select it.



Always keep track of your hours to make sure you have an accurate record. Field Nation requires you to check in when you arrive at the job site and check out when you leave. If you have a smart phone with a GPS, checking in and out allows Field Nation and the customer to know where you were at those two moments with absolute certainty.


1.             Clickwhen you arrive at the job site.

2.             Complete your work for that day.

3.             Click when you leave.


When you check in and out, your hours are logged in the details page of the work order.




Occasionally there are unforeseen circumstances or expenses. You can seek payment for these expenses, but they must be approved by the customer for you to get paid. The first step is to log the additional expenses.


1.    In the work order details on the right side below the location, you can add an expense.

2.    Click ‘Add Expense’.


3.    Add an expense description, amount, and category.


3.        Click to submit the expense request.



4.                   Make sure the expense gets approved BEFORE going forward with it.




Sometimes you may want to offer your client a discount. Typical reasons for this might be an incentive for future jobs or as part of some other negotiation.


1.    In the work order details on the right side below the location, you can add an expense.



2.    Click ‘Add Discount’.

3.    Add a description and a discount amount.



4.    Click .




Once you finish the job, Field Nation requires you as the technician to write closing notes for the work order.


1.    In the work order details under ‘Post Tasks’



2.    Type your closing notes into the note box. For example,

3.                   Click to accept the closing notes.



You are now ready to submit the job for final approval. Once the client approves the work, the job is complete.

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