Completing a Work Order

Once you have completed the work successfully, you need to submit your work order for review.  The buyer with either approve your work order or mark it incomplete to let you know something further is needed.  Field Nation releases the money that was held in an escrow once the work order is approved, you then will receive payment per the standard payment schedule.
To Mark a Work Order Complete:
  • Once logged in, on the left side menu hover over Find Work and click on Assigned.
  • From the Work Order listing page, click on the WO# or the WO Title to open the work order.
    • Note: If you are an admin for a Service Company please ensure that you have the appropriate provider selected in the Managed Provider drop down.

  • On the Details tab scroll down, just below the Description will be the required tasks, please ensure you’ve completed them all.  There will be a green circle with a check mark once the item is done.  Some tasks may include uploading deliverables, providing check out information, etc.

  • In the next section ensure that your entered times are accurate, if needed you can add, delete, or edit the times listed.

  • In the next section there may be deliverables that need to be uploaded but were not included as a task above.  Please ensure that all appropriate items are uploaded, if you need to add any click on Upload File.
  • In the right side, across from Time Logged you will see the payment area.  Ensure that any expenses that were pre-approved by the buyer have been entered, request an increase if required for out of scope, or any agreed upon discounts are added in this section. 

  • In the bottom right hand corner click the orange Mark Complete button to save changes and submit for approval.

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