Once the work is done successfully, you need to submit your work to the customer for approval. The customer then either approves your work or sends it back with comments if they feel the work was not completed satisfactorily. Field Nation releases the money for approved work orders from the customer’s account and you receive a check for the full amount of your work minus the Field Nation fee.


1.         Select 'Assigned' under the 'My Work' section .


2.         Select a work orderto display its order information.


3.         Make sure the Closing Notes in the 'Post Tasks' section in the work order details has detailed notes in it.


Customers want detailed notes. They should include exactly what you did, when you did it, and any other information relevant to the job.

4.         Select .

5.         Make sure any extra expenditures are recorded.

6.         Fill out any custom fields as required. For example, 

7.         Click  at the top right or bottom left of the work order to send the work order to customer for final approval.

Field Nation processes payments every Tuesday and Friday at 12:00pm Central Time. If your work order is approved after this time, it will be paid on the next payment processing day.


If the customer has not approved or rejected the work order within one full working day, make sure to call them and follow up.

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