How is pay calculated

Field Nation has four pay rate modes.

Fixed - The simplest mode, pay is simply a fixed amount. The amount of time logged or items worked on has no effect on the payment amount.

Hourly - An hourly rate. The first hour worked is always paid in full (0.5 hours worked would be calculated as 1.0), but after that pay is calculated by the minute. 1.25 hours worked at $40/hr would earn $50 in labor pay. This is limited by the max hours set.

Per Device - When this pay rate is used, the provider is asked to enter the number of devices serviced when logging time. The pay is then calculated as (# of items worked)*(per device rate). This is limited by the max devices set.

Blended - This allows for setting a fixed amount of pay that can add an additional amount at an hourly rate once the base set of hours is reached. For example, if you wanted to pay $200 for a job that should take 4 hours, but wanted to cover additional hours needed at $30/hr up to an additional 3 hours. That would total out for a max possible of $290 if 7 hours were worked

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