Payment Methods

Currently we offer three payment methods -  Direct Deposit, Paypal, or Check. The method you prefer can be set in the Payment Info section of your profile.

Payment via Direct Deposit: Direct deposit transfers your payment amount directly to your checking or savings account. In order to use this method you must supply us with your EXACT banking account number and routing number as well as the name of the account holder. It is very important that this information be accurate. If we make a payment using the wrong information, it can be corrected but will delay your payment.

Payment via PayPal: If you have a PayPal account, you can select PayPal as your preferred method for receiving payments. 

Payment by Check: If you wish to be paid by check, make sure you have that option selected in your profile.  You should expect payment in 3-4 business days. Note there is a $15 fee for re-issuing a check due to having the incorrect address in your profile. That amount will be deducted from your re-issued check.

***All payments are made in U.S. Currency***

Information about pending or processed payments can be found in the My Payments page of our website. If you have a question regarding your payment please email us at

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