Field Nation Payment Process

Upon completion of the assigned work you will need to close out the work order in our system. This is done by changing the work order  from Assigned to Work Done. This can be done by filling out all the information in the “Your Progress” tab of the work order. Once you have everything filled out you can mark it as completed, which will move it to Work Done status. The buyer will proceed with their business process of confirming work completed and that all the necessary paperwork has been provided. The buyer has two options - APPROVE or TELL PROVIDER THE WORK ORDER IS NOT COMPLETE. We encourage the buyer to review all completed work orders 24 - 48 hours after you mark the work order as Work Done.

In the event that the buyer marks the work order as NOT COMPLETE, the provider will receive notification as to why the buyer has marked the work order as Not Complete.  The work order will revert to Assigned status until the provider completes the work and again changes the work order from Assigned to Work Done.

Once your work is Approved it should appear as a pending payment in My Payments. Note, payments for some work orders will undergo extra processing and be listed at the top of the payments page. This is perfectly fine but means it won't be listed as pending until just before payments are processed on Tuesday and Friday. The Field Nation Accounting Team processes  pending payments twice a week – Tuesday and Friday - and issues the payment depending on the method you have selected in your profile. After processing, your payment will appear in your paid payments list and you should receive payment within 3-4 business days.

To ensure that your payment is part of the processed payments on Tuesday or Friday, it MUST be approved by the buyer before Noon (12:00pm) Central time on that day.  Further, for U.S.-based Providers,  you need to have entered your Form W9 information in your profile.  For non-U.S.-based Providers, you must have confirmed that you are eligible to file Form W8-BEN in your profile.  

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