Work Order Approval

To ensure the speediest possible approval ensure that you have completed all required steps per the scope of work as well as the required tasks within the work order.  Ensure that all deliverables are clear and uploaded to the work order.  We recommend uploading even if the buyer only required it sent by email in the case that the buyer doesn’t receive the email.  We also recommend obtaining a signature even if it is not required in the scope of work, this will show that the customer was satisfied with the work performed.  For more information regarding Completing a Work Order Click Here.
If all of the above are complete and accurate, the average time to approval is 2-14 days.  However this can vary by buyer for a variety of reasons.  If you have questions about the approval time frame please review the Work Description, Confidential Information, and/or Company Policies and Procedures sections within the work order to confirm if there is a specific time frame listed.
If it has been beyond 14 days and the buyer has not messaged or marked the work order incomplete, you can Report a Problem within the work order to request an update on the status of approval.  You can do this by opening the work order, click thing the Messages tab, then clicking Report a Problem.


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