Cannot Make Assignment

If you encounter a problem which will prevent you from making it to a scheduled work order you must immediately inform the work order manager or site contact listed in the contact section of your work order.  We highly recommend you also leave a work order message for the buyer and/or report a problem within the work order to document your communication.  If it is more than 24 hours before the start date/time you can remove yourself from the work order.
To Report a Problem:
  • From within the work order click the Messages tab of the work order, then click Report a Problem.
  • A new box will appear below, select a reason from the drop down menu.

  • After you select the reason a text field will open for you to provide an explanation or message.  You can also select if it will alert support in addition to the buyer.

  • The work order is now flagged and the buyer and/or support will receive an alert as to the issue.

To Remove the Assignment:
  • Click the Remove Assignment button in the top left corner.

In the shadowbox you select the reason and enter the explanation in the text field.


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